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We the undersigned petition to Have an alternative route to the M28 More details

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Mary O' DEa, the Petition Creator, joined by:

Mary O' Dea
John Higgins
Aine O' Dea
Paul Kelleher
Sean Murphy
Frances Murphy
Aisling McCarthy
patrick sexton
David Hayes
Denise O'Gorman
Darren Hobbs
Gina Murphy
Gerard Harrington
Michael O'Brien
Paul kavanagh
Ronan Kavanagh
John Hartnett
James Hourigan
Rosie Hourigan
Fergal O Dea
Leonard Coughlan
Martina Mangan
John Corcoran
Loretto Scully
Michael O'Dwyer
Veronica O'Dwyer
Michael Hanrahan
Gavan Connolly
Terri O'Sullivan
Maria wall
Ann-Marie Wiseman
Maria harrington
Jack cashman
Sarah cashman
Ben cashman
Kevin cashman
Anaïs Carreró Parxachs

More details from petition creator

Petition to support alternative route to the current proposal for the M28I am opposed to the current plans for the M28 due of its adverse implications for my area such as noise and air pollution, traffic congestion, increased commuting time and devaluation of property.I therefore support an alternative route to be designed by TII. An example of such a route would go directly from Ringaskiddy to the Shannon Park Roundabout then past the Airport and then link up directly with the existing south link. An alternative route would meet the needs of the port of Cork, decrease traffic congestion and would also mean that resident’s quality of life along the current N28 would not be further compromised.
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