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We the undersigned petition to block and remove Dublin Councillors who voted for Airside development More details

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Jack Gallagher, the Petition Creator, joined by:

Jack Gallagher
Judy Hanley
Brona McGinley
anna impiumi
Clare Egan
Philip holland
claudio dalla vecchia
Sarah Ashe
Olwyn Conway
Cian Ormond
Peter O'Byrne
Orla Gogarty
Eoin bennis
Lenka Boudaoud
Rose Fallon
Shivkant Trivedi
Suzanne cattanach
Haouari Boudaoud
John mullane
Beata Swiatkowska
Mark Hughes
Giuseppe Belladone
Stephen Bennett
Leanne O Hanlon
Sinead rowe
Immacolata Balduccelli
Andrei Postolachi
Katie O' Connor
Patrick Stanley
Robert Burmiston
Marina Gorlova
Marta Cidad
Aoife kennedy
Ollie conway
Ann-Marie O'Neill
Rachael O Dowd
Jenny O'Donoghue
Robert Oliver
Nigel Manning
Lewine O'Connell
Gary Cahill
Emer McGuirk
Jahangir Sajjad
Laura hannon
Andrea Lowry
Tomas Ashe
Karen Hoban
Robert McNulty
Aine Bruton
Irina Buga
Hilari Howlett
Shivraj E Mudaliyar
Cinthia Figueiredo
Neil Griffin
Michaela Misik
Prateek Saxena
Patrick Daly
Lisa Nixon
Darren Nixon
Rachel Clifford
Andrey Kuznetsov
Diane wardick
Alex Durran
Jackie Eyre
Andrew Quinn
Andrew Quinn
Colin Murray
John Fitzgerald
Robert Carberry
Karen McCann
Emil Jankech
Mathew Kunjachan
Emma Carley
Donal brennan
Donal brennan
Donal brennan
Niamh O'Connor
Mathieu Brunier
Jamie Kidd
Jessica Kidd
Dean Kidd
Laura Brady
Keith Brady
Marco de Rosa
Andrey Idlis
Rose Fallon
Rose Fallon
Ivanas Jariga
Lina Montrimaite
Damian Haier
Mridula Trivedi
Rachel McGrane
Sinead Rowe
Sheena Pillai
Leon Collins
Leon Collins
Silvija Collins
Elena Bespalova
Andrey Golovanov
Karl Von loggerenberg
Gavin Furlong
nazhat ryan
nazhat ryan
Donal O'Reilly
Rosine Elliott
Saleem Shahzad
Yulia Golovanova
Robert Tonkin
Wenjing Zhang
Tomasz Gostomski
Tomasz Gostomski
Stephanie Leung
Pasqualina Genovese
Gennaro Paragliola
Karen Judge
Niall Connolly
Veronica Trimble
Jekaterina Zavjalova
Florian Valyogos
Shane McDaniel
Florian Valyogos
Paul Harrington
Thais Campos
Nor Hizza Hila Ludin
Syafiz Zulkifli
Amir Seifi
Amir Seifi
Jaijo Jacob

More details from petition creator

Local councillors have recently approved the building of 100% social housing despite it being recognised as not best practice. The overwhelming majority of locals objected and submitted objections but were disregarded. Local infrastructure cannot support another development and these councillors are not representing the people in their areas. We are petitioning for a re discussion and re vote. We are also looking for the resignation from position of these councillors starting with Alison Gillian.
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