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Submitted by Claire O'Connor Deadline to sign up by: 2011-01-31 23:28:28 Signatures: 22

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tania taiilor
samantha walsh
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Craig bailes
Edel Cassidy
Helen Thompson
Ciara Cunneen
Naoise Conwell
David Taylor
Lena Willryd
sharon mottram
Mary Batt
Andrea Carroll
p stroud
Laura Sischo
Peter Surace
alison byrne

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While I understand that the human race will probably never stop eating dead animal carcasses, there should (at the very least) be laws implemented to ensure that the animals are dead before they are sliced, diced & cut open or left hanging by their ankles with the blood draining from an open wound in their necks.By signing this petition, you agree with the following:Firstly, animals should live in a clean environmentThey should be treated with *respect* up until their day of reckoningThey should be transported in a comfortable vehicleThe murderers should ensure the animals are actually unconscious before they lay a weapon on themThank you - NOT for the faint hearted!!
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