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We the undersigned petition to Petition to call on DoneDeal to ban the sale of animals on it's website More details

Submitted by George Buckley Deadline to sign up by: 2015-12-01 10:43:40 Signatures: 57

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George Buckley, the Petition Creator, joined by:

George Buckley
Lisa Power
Ashley Dowling
Hazel Murphy
Leona Dowdall
clare rossiter
Karen Stedman
Shirley Deakin
Mike Roberts
Joanne Smith
Ruth Deveney
Chelsea kenny
Liz Corry
Orla Kennedy
Jackie Carroll
Mary walsh
Louise Boyle
Antoinette Emoe
Bob Mc Shane
mary rice
fiona Hassett
Rita McCabe
kieran mc carthy
Samantha McCabe
Gosia Burgess
Catherine Loftus
Marie A Healy
Noeleen sweeney
rita murphy
Jane Carroll
Lynn Lynch
Ciara McCabe
Donna noakes
Sarah Seery
anneke vrieling
Evelyn Kelly
Carmel Tully
pauline morris
JeanMarie O'Mahony
lorraine winson
Jane Cuddy
g jones
anna ward
Anna Nicamhlaigh
Sharon Doyle
pam cowgill
Hilda G.
orla heffernan
Sarah Dineen

More details from petition creator

We call on DoneDeal to ban the sale of animals on it's website and to remove all ads concerning the sale of animals and to work with animal charities to ensure that animals are treated as pets and not a tool whereby the seller and website profit.
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