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We the undersigned petition to That the Irish government nominate The Black Pigs Dyke, which runs a distance of 100 miles plus (160 More details

Submitted by BERNARD MULHOLLAND Deadline to sign up by: 2018-05-31 15:29:35 Signatures: 1

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The Black Pigs Dyke runs from the Atlantic coast at Bundoran across to Newry on the Irish Sea coast. At 160 km long (100 miles-plus) The Black Pigs Dyke is far longer than either Hadrian's Wall (135 km/84 miles) and the Antonine Wall (60 km) in Britain and yet the former is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Black Pigs Dyke is under threat from modern farming practices, erosion, planning practices that allow houses to be constructed on top of it, and there are roads that also run along the top of it. The Dyke is at least two thousand years old and predates both Hadrian's Wall and the Antonine Wall in Britain. And yet little is known about who constructed it and why (see Kane's article: I would ask the Irish government to work with the Northern Ireland Assembly through the North-South institutions to provide the protection this archaeological site deserves, and for members of the public to support the petition.
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