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We the undersigned petition to GAA - Give Buff Egan free entry to all hurling matches More details

Submitted by Eamon Doherty Deadline to sign up by: 2030-07-17 00:00:00 Signatures: 3

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Buff Egan is an internet blogger/pundit who has stressed on numerous occasions that his punditry is delivered at his own expense, however he wouldn't dream of asking anybody for money/freebies. He provides a valuable service to hurling fans in Ireland, and I for one feel that, whilst he does not actively seek nor usually accept freebies, this man deserves this. Buff is one man, a good honest man who wouldn't abuse such a privilege, more deserves it over anybody else in the country. He displays a true love and passion for the game of hurling, and shouldn't have to break his own back trying to afford entry/transport etc to every match. This would be a drop in the ocean in terms of earnings for GAA clubs nationwide, however would change the life of the one man who deserves it most.
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