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We the undersigned petition to Make the production, sale and use of cannabis legal in Ireland More details

Submitted by Shane McGovern Deadline to sign up by: 2016-09-24 11:52:49 Signatures: 24

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Shane McGovern
Katie McGovern
Garrett Quill
Shane hackett
John hickey
Dan Murphy
Eoghan O'Mahony
Declan Shields
Daragh Heston
Aoife Ryan
Killian McSweeney
Shane o donoghue
James conway
Eoin browne
Darragh Curran
Joe Horan
stuart williams
Paul Nolan
Gordon Clare
Chris flynn
leanne ryan

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The legalisation of cannabis would create thousands of jobs.Create millions in tax revenue.Lowering crime rate and organised gangs affiliation with the plant.Also medically research into the medical benefits of THC and CBD.It's time to wake up!
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