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We the undersigned petition to Change Animal Cruelty Law in Irish Law More details

Submitted by Nikki Hayes Deadline to sign up by: 2011-03-07 19:04:16 Signatures: 34

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Nikki Hayes
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Sinead Dunleavy
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sonia carrig
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Borja Jimenez
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tom cash
Sarah Waterstone
Sonia Keenan-Dunne
Helen Colleton Doyle
Ger Gorman
Lucy Fennelly
Carol Phillips
Sharon Coyne-Kavanagh
Sean Hayes
frazer McDonogh
Louise Hannon
Amy Zambra
june gallagher
Elizabeth Crean
julie feely

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Ireland has not got the sufficient laws available for animal owners to be brought properly accountable for animal abuse. In the states the animals are given justice for the abuse they have had to endure sometimes for years on end by negligent owners. We have not got the power to have further animals removed from an owner based on their treatment of another ... THIS HAS GOT TO CHANGE NOW ... ENOUGH !!!Please sign here if you agree that we need to change the animal abuse laws here in Ireland so the abusers are brought before a court of law for being negligent in care and duty to the animal
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