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We the undersigned petition to retain the "Grown in Galway" mural, painted on the Claddagh Jewellers building in Mainguard Street, More details

Submitted by Claddagh Jewellers Deadline to sign up by: 2016-05-31 09:54:48 Signatures: 89

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Marian Burke
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Demara McCarthy
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Juliet Pailes
Jordan Bolker
Nicky Harris
Derek keane
Caroline McNeill
David Greeley
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Patrick martyn
Laura connell
Mark Shaughnessy
Patricia Murphy
martha king
Dylan Greaney
Tom Stewart

More details from petition creator

A picture to tell a story.In 2012 a decision was taken to enhance the building by commissioning the painting of a mural, which would be a snapshot of the iconic geography of Galway City combined with the story of the Claddagh rings that are made on the premises. The planning department of Galway City Council disapproved of this and started proceedings against Claddagh Jewellers, this led to an application for retention of the mural, which was rejected. An appeal to An bord pleanala was also rejected and Claddagh Jewellers agreed that they would defend their action in court. However, Galway City Council decided to withdraw court proceedings and instead go the way of an injunction, unless the building is repainted in one colour. Injunctive proceedings would in effect deny Claddagh Jewellers the right to bring this issue to court.Claddagh Jewellers do not want to paint over the mural, please support us and sign our petition. Thank you to everyone.
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