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Install a pedestrian crossing and/or traffic lights on N17 Tuam Rd,Claregalway next to Claregalway HotelMany drivers and pedestrians alike are frightened witless by this road, as at certain times of the day, hundreds of children, teenagers, Mums and toddlers have to cross this road to get to and from school and shops. The simple installation of a set of traffic lights or pedestrian crossing would eliminate so much of the risk. Also, too many drivers speed along this road, and when in the past I have stopped to allow people to cross, I have faced hositility and anger from other drivers. With the huge amount of vehicles passing by in the area, it's only a matter of time before someone is killed or seriously injured crossing the road. We, the signed names on this petition heartily argue that Galway County Council needs to take urgent action and install proper, safe crossings along this road. Best place would be between River Oaks estate and An Mhainistir( The Friary) so people can safely cross the road without walking mile around to nearest traffic lights. An eldery woman spent over 20 mins on the road trying to cross the road,just to get simple thing from the shop 200m away. This is a very busy road, with a high density of car and lorry usage. I have witnessed teenagers behaving like teenagers and taking unnecessary risks crossing the road in an effort to impress their peers or for whatever reason it may be. Should we not show our children & future generations that we are a proactive society in attempting to prevent these fatalities/injuries, rather than demonstrating a total complacency where there are clear safety issues. Kind Regards
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