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We the undersigned petition to Have so called "Head Shops" banned More details

Submitted by Gareth Kinsella Deadline to sign up by: 2010-03-31 12:07:55 Signatures: 28

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Gareth Kinsella, the Petition Creator, joined by:

Ian Williams
Maurice Kelly
John Fagan
Pádraig McEvoy, Member of Kildare County Council
Richard Daly
olive donnelly
janet bennett
Sean Hodkinson
cllr domnick connolly
Jacinta Whelan
margaret burke
deirdre oconnor
Anthony Griffin
stoner bob
Bernie Harmon
jacqui Snype
LSD Lover Esquire
louise menton
liam minogue
Estellle Wright
Lucy Carty
Puerile reactionary
Oisín Delaney

More details from petition creator

Legislation needs to be brought in to ensure that the harm caused by some of the products sold by 'Head Shops' no longer continues. In the media there's reports of psycho active substances being sold by head shops which can be detrimental to people. If you support the introduction of legislation to curtail "Head Shops" then please sign this petition.
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