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We the undersigned petition to the IBTS to change its policy of excluding blood donations from people based on their sexual orienta More details

Submitted by michael bourke Deadline to sign up by: 2014-02-12 12:47:04 Signatures: 48

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Michael Bourke
Jason Kennedy
patricia armshaw
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Eibhlis Ward
Melissa Lancaster
Michael Miller
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Chris Ryan
Bradley Wade
Martin Kehoe
Paddy English
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Declan Cronin
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Louise Moloney
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Sinead Barry
Aideen MacMahon
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Denise Hayes
Stephanie Harnett
Shauna Butler
Evan Sparling
Bridgie Murray
Flora Nativel
Aurélie Cateline
Brid Dunne
Martin Niland
Susan Tormey
Rebecca Rigney
Mary Cleary
Ciaran Murphy
Brendan Rehill
Kristina Vaughan
Mary Ennis
Damien Ryan
Rachel Fitzmaurice
Colm Madigan
Mark Doyle
Sarah Cummins
Sinead Brennan

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The IBTS refuses to accept blood from gay men as the fall into a "high risk" group based purely on the fact that they have engaged in sex with other men regardless of any other fact.
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