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We the undersigned petition to Help Portmarnock Community School make our K Compound OK More details

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Anna Ingle
Andre MacNamara
Orla Meehan
Catherine O'Brien
Brenda Bradley
Mary Maguire
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More details from petition creator

We the undersigned petition the current Minister for Education and The Department of Education to review the schedule for the redevelopment of our ‘K Compound’ (which houses nearly 20 classrooms). The current structure of prefabricated buildings was built 30 years ago and is now 6 years past the projected structural lifespan of this type of timber. The ‘K Compound’ is experiencing a rapid rate of decline with heat loss and poor natural light.Following an independent assessment it was advised that these buildings will, in the immediate future, become uninhabitable such is the rate of deterioration. To us this raises serious issues for the teachers and students to be accommodated in such conditions on a daily basis not to mention the health and safety concerns.The ‘K Compound’ buildings are no longer fit for purpose and we the parents/guardians and the wider school community cannot wait until 2019 for the commencement of their replacement which realistically, due to the planning applications, appointment of design team, the tender process etc., will not happen until 2021 at the earliest. Based on an independent assessment in January 2016 and the real concerns of us as parents/guardians of students attending this school, we hope you can now see the urgency with which our ‘K Compound’ needs replacement.Whilst we appreciate the announcement that a redevelopment programme has been approved, the commencement of this in 2019 will be too late!
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