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We the undersigned petition to Bring Dublin Kangaroo Abusers to Justice More details

Submitted by Pat Hughes Deadline to sign up by: 2010-12-31 09:55:08 Signatures: 62

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Pat Hughes, the Petition Creator, joined by:

Éanna Ó Mulláin
Emma Clarke
peter o connor
Anna Aherne
Aine Cahill
janice McHarg
Zoe Clark
Betty Mufová
Maria Lenehan
Carmel Condon
Shane kenny
Evelyn Ryan
Steven Shine
Andrea Carroll
annette treacy
Susann Landes berger
Renate Feuerpfeil
anita hagenlocher
Claudia Buschke
Marion Nolte
Astrid Moeller
Sheila Jeitler
Holger Roscher
Ulrike Rietz
Lisa Demirgil
A. Eckert
Dina Fries
Klaus Pfurtscheller
Bianca Wittkowski
Daniela Koetzsch
Regina Dittrich
Rita Varga
Thomas Wittkowski
Sabrina Holste
Beatrice Grüter
manuela nusser
Angelika Meister
Anna Stukart
Ute Mischo
Patricia Gollnick
Walther Möller
Sebastian Weber
L. Jappert
Klaudia Pasch
Waltraud Maria Grassegger
Fahrner Alois
Daniela Schönenberger
Nicole Madauß
Stefanie Stachel
Christina Killing
Janett Loher
Sabine Forster
Annette Bader
Simone Bath
Anette Grimm
Thorsten Kassebeer
Daniela Bär
kathrin hofman
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More details from petition creator

If you were affected by the appalling events in the Clarion Hotel on Saturday, 16th October and feel that not only should the perpetrators be brought to justice, but also that the government should immediately establish a register and licensing of exotic pets in Ireland.
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