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We the undersigned petition to Reinstate a late night pharmacy in Wexford Town More details

Submitted by Sandra Martin Deadline to sign up by: 2016-03-01 14:28:22 Signatures: 22

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Sandra Martin
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Samantha McCabe
Stephen Kelly
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Leah Martin
Nicole Ryan
Margaret Doyle
Vicki joyce
Agnese Dzigune
Joanne Wilson
Tara casey
Jennifer o connor
Raymond Quirke
Maria sofola
Lynda wenman

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Currently there is no late night pharmacy available in Wexford Town. Unfortunately illness doesn't adhere to a time table and people get sick all hours of the day and night. Needing simple medicines such as Nurofen, Exputex, and other over the counter medicines should be easily accessible and we should not have to wait over 12 hours. Having a fully stocked medicine cabinet at home is not always possible and getting caught short happens. Please bring back a late night pharmacy (every night) to the people of Wexford Town.
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