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We the undersigned petition to Improve pedestrian safety on M3 Access Roundabouts More details

Submitted by Anne Tuite Deadline to sign up by: 2011-09-23 22:36:20 Signatures: 87

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Anne Tuite, the Petition Creator, joined by:

mary tuite
Brendan Tuite
Lisa O'Donoghue
Margaret Tuite
helen tuite
Patrick Tuite
Sinead Dolan
Jim Hand
Ciara McNee
patrick whelan
Francisco Beltran
Bela Shah
alanna bradley
kate bradley
rosemary maguire
Deirdre Marren
Ornagh Daly
Declan Higgins
Sammy Higgins
Milo Higgins
Allison Higgins
Ann Daly
willem van de velde
Niamh Barker
Brian O Carroll
peter ward
Ronan O'Loughlin
John Ward
Niamh Burke
Robert Fox
joan griffin
Jillian Geraghty
peter ward
Alan Dargan
miriam reilly
donagh tuite
Michael May
sophie Sauveroche
Lisa Reilly
Denis Murphy
Seán Fitzgerald
Fiona Mangan
Aoife fox
brona maguire
Costas Andropoulos
Greg Carey
Joanne Mulcahy
Rohan Mulcahy Tuite
Isaac Mulcahy Tuite
Clodagh Mulcahy
Cora Rathborne
patrick dunne
Ursula Gallagher
john speeckaert
Sam Daly-Webster
Elle Cogavin
Ellen Cogavin
Paul Keogh
Amy Rice
Alice Mc Govern
clodagh daly
Eoin Reilly
Sean Flannery
Hazel Scorer
fiona brady
Donal Roche
Richard Drew
Siobhan Higgins
Imelda Murphy
Emma Sharma-Hayes
Brogen Hayes
Kate Flood
Meadhbh A. Cleary
Claire Oakes
Mary Corrigan
Pat Butler
donald duck
Fred Barry
Caroline Tuite
Sarah Kennedy
Eoin Madden
Simon Comer
Miriam Sheerin
Emma Dowling
May Kane

More details from petition creator

Access roads for the new M3 motorway (Dublin to Cavan) have many roundabouts with absolutely no space for pedestrians or cyclists. This petition calls on the Minister for Transport and the NRA to take action immediately before there is a serious accident.
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