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Saoirse Long
Eva Neumann
Elzbieta Dziedzic
John A Stineman
Robin Stineman
Valerie OCallaghan
Fiona Cawley
Julia Long
Maryann Worrell
Brian O Sullivan
Joan Finnegan
Sharon Cosgrove
Eric Baden
Conor McGrady
Vy Nguyen
Anthony Keane
Katherine Webster
Ethna O'Brien
Taylor Turnbull
PJ curran
Drew Austin
Dympna Cunniffe
Ciara McCormac
c seeby
richard sharp
Mary Conidine
Michelle Bradley
Eireen Lee
Emily Lee
Martin Nilan
tracey denney
fodhla russell
Anna Gschwendtner
ciara russell
niamh russell
martine murphy
Dawn Paisley
Jerry Murphy
Deirdre O'Brien
Victor Mc Sweeney
Andrea McNamara
christine sharp
Thais Apoena Franco Siqueira
Mairtin Óg Lally

More details from petition creator

Public Petition to Clare County Council re speed limits on the N67 (from Corkscrew Hill to Ballyvaughan)The existing 100k speed limit on the N67 between Corkscrew Hill and Ballyvaughan poses a real threat to the lives of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. The instance of accidents on this narrow, hazardous stretch has increased year on year particularly with the growth of tourism to North Clare. The Transport Infrastructure Ireland TII (formerly the NRA) has issued new guidelines to reduce speed limits down to 80km/h when the road is below 7.0m. - N67 near Ballyvaughan is barely 5.0m! Ballyvaughan community therefore calls on Clare County Council and TII to immediately introduce a 60K limit on this potentially lethal stretch of road in advance of the 2016 tourist season.If you agree with this urgent petition, please sign below before February 19th.
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