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We the undersigned petition to Have Cllr Noeleen Reilly in the running for DNW TD More details

Submitted by Gareth Sherry Deadline to sign up by: 2015-05-13 12:00:00 Signatures: 46

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Gareth Sherry, the Petition Creator, joined by:

Eileen Sherry
Jennifer Mcevoy
Leonie Marshall
Leonie Marshall
catherine brennan
Bernie Bates
Tania Farrell
colin farrell
malcolm farrell
Adam Marshall
thomas kelly
michael kelly
Helena Sheehan
Angela Mooney
Karolina Ó Beacháin
Tara szafranek
James Riordan
Eamon nolan
Ann Osulivan
Catherine Maher
paula king
William Henderson
Alan collins
Nelson Mandela
chris gray
Donna Bride
Glynis Crook
Michael Shanley
David Doyle
kim boylan
noel kelly
mick costellloe
Ailis Colleran
Jonathan Stevenson
karl bates
paul cheevers
Patrick Hughes
Theresa Corcoran
Frankie Mangan
joseph brennan
Nicola King
Susan of reilly
Kim O'Leary

More details from petition creator

Our local Councillor in a very strange decision by her political party to NOT be a candidate in next years General Election. They want to run an unknown instead of a tried and tested councillor. They think they can make the people vote for who they want them too not who we already elected, and has done so much for us. We are calling on SF to nominate Noeleen as a candidate for DNW
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