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Lucy Brennan
Bernie Mc Hale
julie boyce
ann kelly
lisa grennan
Darren Ennis
benjamin hughes
Russell Eldridge
Sarah Butler
ciara egan
Philip Clapham
Tom Colton
Des Canning
tracey kelly
michelle kenna
Elizabeth Eldridge
Marie O'Carroll
Stephen O'Donoghuesodonoghur
paula fox
pat keenan
dianne coyne
maria marcos
Louise O Brien
Sasha Musgrave Travers
Sheila Skorpil
Richard Bohan

More details from petition creator

This petition is to reques the Minister for Justice to change the laws in connection with the detention of people who have sexually abuse children. We request that where an individual has been suspected of such abuse and the gardai have obtained evidence to substantiate this that the suspected offender is detained in an institution pending the book of evidence and files been prepared by the DPP to ensure that no further harm to children or other children can happen
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