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We the undersigned petition to Call on FIFA to play the France-Ireland match again. More details

Submitted by Brian Cooney Deadline to sign up by: 2009-12-12 12:24:36 Signatures: 34

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Sean Mannion
Emma Lawlor
John Lawlor
Gavin Farrelly
John O' Connor
Tony Carolan
Federico Pedroletti
john hannon
Laurentiu Oprea
Grace O'Rourke
Maura McCarthy
Tom Sheehan
Liam Chambers
Mary Walsh
martin coughlan
michael benson
Malcolm Shaw
Radu Dumitrescu
Andrew Mercer
Billy Ahern
julian roberts
Paula O mahony
jason lane
Laura Grimes
jessica gilson
Paul O'Sullivan
Niamh Kearney
Nathan Foale
stephen mcsweeney
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Declan Mc Carthy

More details from petition creator

Because of Thierry Henry's blatant handball which allowed France to score against Ireland in Paris. The resultant goal meant that France qualified for the World Cup Finals in 2010, in the interest of fair play and the integrity of footballl, we call on FIFA to ensure the mathc is replayed.
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