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We the undersigned petition to Stop RPS Group Trustees should pay Tayna Doyle (€23,000 per year) from the pension of the person she More details

Submitted by Noel Byrne Deadline to sign up by: 2015-02-01 23:43:39 Signatures: 62

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Emma Wicker
Tanya mc Garry
Elaine byrne
Simone Kelly
Ricky Wicker
Nadine Shinkwin
Shauna campbell
Trudy McGarry
Tanya mc Garry
elaine byrne
Lynne Kavanagh
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Siobhain Doyle
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Sharon Casserly
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Natalie moloney
Amy Tallant
sarah donovan
Tanya mc Garry
Scott Earls
Leah Healy
Olive Byrne
Leah Healy
kay dunster
Nicola McCarthy
Tony Cooney
Noel Byrne
aidan kelly
Shauna campbell
Tony stapleton
Anita Moore
gillian blount
Tania Enokibara
Sandra Mulhall
Jordan Campbell
Treasa mulhall
Angela Gibbons
Kathleen Fanning
mandy byrne
Allison O'Connell
Declan Atkins
Paulo Enokibara
Meletia Waugh
Caroline Johnston
Susan Cronin
Declan Atkins
Karen Rodrigues Enokibara
Oonagh Brett-Francicso
Sue O Neill
tina mooney
skull Kelly
Frans Hoencamp
mary grey

More details from petition creator

Please sign in support of ensuring that Tanya Doyle, in no way receives any part of the pension that belonged to the man she murdered.On the 4th of September 2009, Tanya Doyle, estranged wife of Paul Byrne, stabbed Paul over 60 times, when the police arrived at the scene, Tanya informed them that she meant to kill him because he wouldn't sign over the house to her.The jury of seven men and five women took six hours and 19 minutes to reach their unanimous verdict guilty of murder at the Central Criminal Court today.Tanya Doyle showed no emotion as Mr Justice Garrett Sheehan sentenced her to life in prison and backdated the sentence to September 4th 2009 when she was first imprisoned.Despite Tanya being found GUILTY of murdering Paul, The RPS still seem to think it necessary to pay Tanya HIS pension.This is our message to the RPSI find it very difficult to understand why the trustees would wish to pay the murderer an income, from the very pension plan of the person she has admitted killing and has been convicted of murdering.Also it is very inconceivable that the trustees would want Paul's family to take out an injunction to stop this payment being paid out to her.I don't understand why you cant refuse to pay Tanya Doyle as she is NOT A NAMED BENEFICIARY and have her take an action in this matter.This situation is causing undue stress and anxiety and the reality of this payment is just sinking in.I would like to know under which of the terms and conditions allows the trustees to pay Tanya Doyle the Murder of Paul up to €1 million over the course or her life for murdering him, a trusted employee, that has significantly benefited your group, for example the contract with Alcatel in Westport.This is adding greatly to the trauma surrounding Paul's tragic death.
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