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We the undersigned petition to get Clare council to acknowlege the importance of the Shannon Allotment More details

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It was reported in the Clare Courier (9th Feb 2018) that Clare Council will be discussing, in their upcoming March 2018 meeting, their options when extending the existing Illaunmanagh Cemetery.We the undersigned draw to the Council’s attention the positive aspects of having allotments in Shannon.These being :-1) It provides a vital community space for older people (often bereaved and/or retired) to get out and engage in life and meet other like minded people. Gardening being a major driver to good mental health. (See While as allotment holders we are not orgainised or sing off the same sheet but everyone I have met and chatted with have a very positive mental outlook and are very generous when sharing advice (and vegetables!) and this extends beyond the confines of the allotments to their family, friends and neighbours.3) It’s part of our heritage to grow food. For example, in just my generation, I come from Mayo where my father was a subsistence farmer with eight children and setting a vegetable garden was vital. 2) Its also open to people visiting the Cemetery/Crematorium and the aspect it presents of new growth everywhere can give great solace and is a reminder that life goes on. Especially since every allotmenteer goes about things in a different manner with varied success it can also be quite entertaining :)So please, while we appreciate the need to provide more space for the dead in doing so please don’t overlook the space for the living when making your decision. Thanks.I will send the original of this petition to Clare Council and e-mail a copy to all the councillors.
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