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We the undersigned petition to save the swimming pool on Sean MacDermott Street. More details

Submitted by Sian Muldowney Deadline to sign up by: 2009-12-10 13:27:18 Signatures: 25

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Sian Muldowney, the Petition Creator, joined by:

Sian Muldowney
Dave Little
Martina Luiten
Gerry Duffy
Karen Williams
Mary Lou McDonald
Olive Sloan McCann
Orlíath Sloan
Oisín Slaon McCann
Pauline Kane
Leanne Hyland
Eileen Vaughan
Laurence Cox
Karen costello
trish martin
Eibhlin Harrington
Megan Dunne
Demi Caffrey
Karl Warren
sinead mc cauley
john mc cann
Helen Cole

More details from petition creator

Dublin City Council has announced that Sean MacDermott Street Swimming Pool will be closed down as of the 24th December 2009.This is one of the only facilities available for this community and it is vital that it remains open.
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