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We the undersigned petition to Have Carlow Co Council complete sufficient drainage works More details

Submitted by Tracey Kelly Deadline to sign up by: 2016-10-31 23:01:42 Signatures: 123

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Maurice Mc Gonagle
lorraine kelly
Ciaran Murphy
James keating
Sabrina farrell
Megan Meenehan
paddy keating
Joshua howard
Joshua howard
charlene rooney
Celine irwin
Anita Meenehan
Ciaran O'Farrell
Janice Bolger
Leonora McAteer
Sharon Bracken
Dean Tinclair
Laura donohoe
Paula Lonergan
Zoe grant
Mary Casey
Karen murphy
Bernie king
Sandra Mc Gonagle
Josey farrell
Lorraine Dunne
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Danielle Dempsey
Shaneda daly
Margaret courtney
Marion Ryan
mairead behan
Christine Gavin
Paddy keating
Jeanne-Aline Mahon
Sarah Anderson
Patrici Mulpeter
Theresa Ryan
Lorna carey
Jennifer Foran
Gerry mcdonagh
Regina Brennan
Richard Broome
laura fox
Gwen keogh
Donna Mulvihill
Lorraine maher
natalie mannix
Sandra Cosgrave
Dawn Brennan
Michaela Duggan
Keith Colmey
Clare Doran
Aoife Byrne
Gerard mc Evoy
Emma grant
Kelly Grant
Suzanne Grant
Tara Byrne
Tina Murphy Cribbon
Michelle Cummins
Laura Dunne
Barbara tobin
kristal Kelly
Annemarie Dillon
valerie hayden
Amy Hannon
Caroline pollard
Paul pollard
Carol o brien
Sinead Sutton
Martin keating
Suanne Meenehan
Declan Weadick
Shelly Hatt
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glenda mcgrail
Michelle kearney
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olive condron
Kim O Gorman
Marie O Gorman
Susan Hennessy
sally curran
Jonathan Curran
Ciara Bourke
Ryan Meenehan
Andrea Ellis
Annmarie Reid
Vivienne wilkinson
SarahJane Wogan
Frank Keelaghan
Colm Finnegan
Caroline standish
Ingrid brangan
Catherine Heeney
Emma monaghan
Susanne Carey
Angela Campbell
louise kelly
Laura Mathews
Orla mc Loughlin
Selina O Regan
Cleona Quinn
Amanda Simpson
Katrina Sherlock
Colette Whelan
Melissa Kenny
Gillian Mcenteggart
Lorraine Rooney
Kyle Nishimura
Caroline gilsenan
Michellr whelan
Michelle Gernert
Marita Brennan

More details from petition creator

Ill give you a little backround.. Since St Stephens day we have been re-living this nightmare again - pumping water 24hrs a day away from my parents house in Tinryland Co Carlow.This is not just the excessive rain. In 2014 we suffered this same nightmare, for 8 weeks 24 hours a day we had to continuously pump water away from the house.On St Stephens day our nightmare started again, we are now running 2 petrol & 4 submersible pumps 24 hours a day, the house is surrounded no matter how much we pump the water keeps coming, a local farmer is taking upwards of 20 tankards a day yet the water never subsides, my dad turns 70 this month and with arthritis in his hands he shouldn't have to go through this, in 2014 we also went public with this to try and see if someone somewhere can help as Carlow County Council has turned their backs on us once again.
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