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Re: Venezuelans plead for the International community to reject Constituent Assembly and condemn Human Rights violations in VenezuelaWe are writing to you in this opportunity, as proud Venezuelan citizens who are part of the community that makes life and contributes to economic and social development in Ireland, to express our deep concern in relation to the critical situation our country is experiencing. The national Constituent Assembly promoted in an unconstitutional manner by the Venezuelan Government of Nicolás Maduro, was fraudulently approved last Sunday, 30th of July 2017. We strongly believe that this decision goes against our laws and democratic principles, aggravates the political and humanitarian crisis that our country faces, and additionally represents an opportunity to the Venezuelan regime to rewrite the Constitution on their authoritarian terms, a regime in which it has been proved that some of its senior officials and senior military officer have being involved in major operations of drug dealing and money laundry.In the meantime, while our people have over 100 days demonstrating their discontent with the crisis, the government continues to violate fundamental human rights resulting in a death toll of over 116 Venezuelans, about 4.000 detainees, over 460 political prisoners and thousands of victims of torture and inhuman treatment in the hands of state police forces, according to organizations such as Human Rights Watch and International Amnesty.For the abovementioned reasons, we request that the Irish government, in consonance with its democratic and justice values, join the international position that organizations such as the European Parliament, Mercosur and the governments of Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Chile, Paraguay and the United States of America, have had in recent days. We plead for the Irish government to:Condemn the human rights violations in Venezuela perpetrated by the Venezuelan government.Reject the Constituent Assembly promoted by Nicolas Maduro’s regime.Support Venezuelans living in Ireland by providing leave to remain on humanitarian grounds due to the severe situation their country of origin is facing.Support the restoration of democracy in Venezuela.Promote within the European Union the possibility of sanctioning any senior officers or senior military official of Venezuela responsible for the human rights violation International pressure has demonstrated to be key on the defense of democracy in Venezuela, as an example in March of this year the unlawful Supreme Court ruling attempting to dismantle the Venezuelan parliament, was later on withdrawn by the same body. Quoting the Irish statesman Edmund Burke:"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is good for good men to do nothing"Venezuela needs your support
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