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We the undersigned petition to amend the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013 to impose harsher sentencing for animal abuse cases More details

Submitted by Sophie Kelliher Deadline to sign up by: 2018-03-30 21:11:48 Signatures: 67

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In the past week alone in Ireland, an elderly dog has been tied to a tree, abused and left to die and a small puppy was bludgeoned with a hammer and placed into a microwave while still alive and killed. These are examples of the extreme animal cruelty taking place in Ireland that have been reported, there are countless others just as inhumane that go unreported. Currently under the Animal Heath and Welfare Act 2013 there seems to be limitations in the sentencing for acts of cruelty towards animals- with most cases resulting in the accused no longer being able to own animals or a limit placed on the number of animals they can own, serving suspended sentences or simply paying a fine. This lenient sentencing is not deterring offences and re-offences. I read once that dogs and horses are the most abused animals as they are loyal and trusting and always return to the human who abuses them. Studies have shown that people capable of abusing sentiment beings such as an animals show a lack of empathy that can be applied to their treatment of humans also. I implore you to sign this petition if you feel that animals deserve the same protections that applies to citizens under Irish Law. Harsher sentencing will be a step forward in empowering the countless rescues, charities and law enforcement who work tirelessly for the welfare of animals in this country to hold those accountable and remove animals for unsuitable situations. If those who are breaking the law can be held accountable, a difference can be made.Thank you.
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