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This is a petition from the Loughill Development Association and the community of Loughill in order to help secure the future of West Limerick Resources (WLR), which is currently under threat of being shut down.Throughout the years WLR has been paramount in our efforts to develop the village of Loughill. From small projects such applying for new signage for the village to providing a free mentor advice service for people who were starting SME's. But mainly in our largest project and greatest achievement to date, building Loughill's first community centre which is the first environmentally friendly resource centre in the county. Along with providing funding for the build, and giving advice on other avenues of funding and loan applications, WLR then proceeded to aid us with further funding to buy exercise equipment which was used to create a mini gym in the centre. This is open to the public to use free of charge in order to promote a healthier lifestyle within the village. None of this would have been possible without WLR's assistance and involvement in the early stages of planning. WLR also provide valuable beginner courses for the people of West Limerick who because of the countries economic circumstances have had to up skill or even change their career path, these are affordable and help build confidence in people. They also provide this service and grants for self employed people such as farmers who have found themselves out of work and need to start again by learning a new trade that will bring them back into the workforce. No other body provides this service, because these people were self employed they have no social welfare support, WLR is most important for people who have no where else to turn for advice and funding but are extremely capable and just need guidance. The development association will continue to try and promote and develop our village, but this is something that will prove very difficult without the support of WLR. It would be a huge over sight by any governing body to allow West Limerick Resources to close its doors and no longer play its part in the development of the county. Villages are having a tough enough time as it is with their communities dwindling and amenities being shut down one by one. The future for rural communities should be a view to rebuild them rather than let them disappear. So on behalf of West Limerick Resources, Loughill Development Association would ask you to greatly consider the effect closing WLR would have on rural Limerick when weighing up their options and making a final decision.
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