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According to the Irish Aid website, in 2010 spending on foreign aid will amount to €671 million. Recently there have been suggestions to cut this expenditure. Some people would regard the money as Dead Aid while others see it as essential to the improvement of the Third World. But is there an opportunity to turn this money, or at least some of it, into a benefit for all of us? We currently have a growing problem, the emigration of young Irish people. This will only be halted once jobs become available for people to stay. There are already thousands of graduates, experienced and highly qualified professionals unable to find jobs in Ireland. More important, they are unable to find work in their qualified or field of experience. Instead of sending money overseas we can pay for Irish people to leave the country for the next two, three or five years. They will bring with them their expertise and experience to help the Third World progress. Architects, teachers, engineers, solicitors etc. could all be used educate and work on the foundations of a solid economy. Their skills would help tackle the high priority areas of infrastructure, education, good governance and so on. Hypothetically let’s say the workers were paid an average of €25,000 it would enable nearly 27,000 people to start working abroad. Living expenses would be less than Ireland so the figure could vary according to country. Once employment starts to pick up the individuals will have the opportunity to return home bringing with them their valuable experience. Far from being Dead Aid it would become Circular Aid for both countries. Another benefit will be the removal of individuals relying on social welfare freeing up funds. The 22-24 year old jobseeker allowance is €144 per week and this would amount to a saving of €202 million if 27,000 were to stop claiming this for one year. We're not suggesting that Third World Aid in its traditional form should be dropped but let’s change the way some of the money is spent until the economy recovers. Yours sincerely,Jeffrey Hoare
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