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We the undersigned petition to stop cruelty to animals by banning circus animals More details

Submitted by Sinead Byrne Deadline to sign up by: 2009-08-31 11:42:40 Signatures: 32

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Laura Broxson
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Katrien Crauwels
Jude Murphy
Justine O Rourke
Yvonne McArdle
dario chimisso
Barbara McAfee
Martin O'Sullivan
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Jenna M. Moorhouse
Inez Heron
Rachel Hickey
Eimear Conran
Rowena Kelly
Aaron McHugh
Katrina Kane
Eibhlis Ward
Selina Campbell
Oscar Nieto
Lorraine Muldowney
Julia Feliz
Louise Mc Grath
Louann Fakoory
Christine Doulis
Leah Finity
Rachel Eisen
dr maurice joseph bonar

More details from petition creator

Exotic animals which perform in circus acts have been taken out of their natural habitat and are forced to perform for the amusement and entertainment of the public. Circus animals often endure terrible and cruel conditions while on tour with the circus. We call on the government to put a stop to this needless exploitation of animals and to prioritise the welfare of animals such as lions, tigers and elephants by having these acts eliminated from circus shows.
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