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We the undersigned petition to recall dangerous looped blinds i.e those with cords not 1.5 metres from the floor.For it to be lega More details

Submitted by claire walsh Deadline to sign up by: 2013-02-27 20:00:00 Signatures: 29

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Children under the age of 36 mths are tragically dying or being injured because of looped blind cords in Ireland. A new safety standard for blinds and curtains is in place since 23rd of February 2009. "Irish Standard I.S. EN13120 - Internal blinds - Performance requirements including safety".However these safety standards are not being enforced by all.It still remains voluntary for a blinds salesperson to inform consumers of the risks to young children.Statistically according to the Irish Examiner 1 child per mth has tragically died due to looped blinds in the western world over the past 25 years. This figure excludes the U.S.A who have banned and recalled these blinds as a result of 359 deaths in a ten year period.Our daughter Eabha Foster died because of a looped blind cord on Feb 27th 2010.
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