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More details from petition creator

PrintEmail my friendShareFIFA confirmed today that the result of the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™ qualifying match between Uzbekistan and Bahrain on 3 September 2005 has been declared invalid and must be replayed. In order to respect the drawn order of the matches, the first leg is to be replayed in Uzbekistan on 8 October 2005, with the second leg match to be rescheduled for 12 October 2005 in Bahrain.The decision was taken by the Bureau of the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™ Organising Committee following a formal protest from the Uzbekistan Football Federation concerning a technical error by the referee of the match.According to Art. 12.4 (b) and 14.1 of the Regulations for the 2006 FIFA World Cup™, all protests, including those against technical errors committed by referees, are to be decided by the Organising Committee for the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™. A bureau of the Organising Committee may pass a decision in lieu of the plenary committee in urgent matters.The Bureau, composed of Chairman Lennart Johansson, Deputy Chairman Julio Grondona, Dr Chung Mong Joon and FIFA General Secretary Urs Linsi, took the decision based on the following facts:1) At the score of 1-0 in favour of Uzbekistan, in the 39th minute of the match, the referee decided to award a penalty kick to Uzbekistan;2) The penalty kick was taken and led to goal in favour of Uzbekistan;3) Before the penalty kick was carried out, an Uzbek player entered the penalty area;4) Consequently, the referee awarded an indirect free kick to the Bahrain team;5) However, in such a situation, the Laws of the Game require the referee to order the penalty kick to be retaken;6) The captain of Uzbekistan team protested to the referee immediately after the mistake had taken place and before the game had restarted. This protest was confirmed after the match;7) This technical error was confirmed by the match commissioner and the referee inspector in their respective reports;8) Uzbekistan protested the decision of the referee in a written request, asking for the match to be "cancelled" and be evaluated with a 3-0 forfeit result;The bureau, taking into consideration that the referee in the match in question had indeed committed a technical error, established that, as a consequence, the match needed to be replayed. As a result, the protest put forward by the Uzbekistan team for the match to be considered a forfeit with a 3–0 result is rejected. In accordance with Art. 12.6 of the Regulations 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™, this decision is final and binding.
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