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We the undersigned petition to to have Jean Byrne anounce Ireland's votes in this year's Eurovision Song Contest More details

Submitted by Laura Farrell Deadline to sign up by: 2010-04-09 10:48:21 Signatures: 63

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Laura Farrell, the Petition Creator, joined by:

Laura Farrell
Peter Flynn
Andy Hamilton
Ian Kavanagh
Brian Gowran
Jerome O'Mahony
Edel Barry
cormac lonergan
gareth mullen
Dez Foley
Kevin Mulligan
Yvonne Vaughan
Ann-Marie Fleming
John Diamond
damien power
Cillian Duffy
Michael Faulkner
Gareth Prendergast
John O'Rourke
brian canavan
John Twomey
D-Toxic Loanz
john scott
David O'Duffy
andrew dagg
Patrick Leech
Morgan Cooke
brian o neill
Bruce Clark
Joe O'Reilly
Alan Cromie
Bea Doran
Dave Rennix
Tim Murphy
John Murray
Lar Conroy
Fionnuala Mc Mahon
Kev OFaolain
michael mc donagh
E J Courtney
Fiona Butler
Micheál Breen
Seo O'Catháin
Seamus Maher
Ron Lakk
Jean Byrne
Sean Murray
John Scrotum
Aidan Gogarty
Liam Logue
Helen Byr
Martin Dennehy
Paul Higgins
Tony Moore

More details from petition creator

We would love to see and hear the lovely Jean Byrne announce Ireland's votes on RTE for the Eurovision. Just imagine the style!
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