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We the undersigned petition to Get Irish Government out of power More details

Submitted by ross parkinson Deadline to sign up by: 2011-01-31 12:54:01 Signatures: 35

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david parkinson
Geraldine Bergin
John Nolan
Jane Mooney
Helen Driscoll
Niall O'Neill
Conal Mac Cumhail
Karl Brennan
Connor Heyward
Gerard Nolan
sharon mcevoy
Karyn O'Connor
Kevin Bourke
veronica anderson
Mairead Darby
Laurence O'Toole
Mairead O'hEinigh
Dean Ryan
John Keogh
mary power
Keith McCarthy-Phillips
christopher smart
Sinead Dutton
Michael Ryan
Tony Reddington
Kevin Linehan
Don Murphy
denise mc cormack
Liam hannigan
Emma Duddy

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Little has been done to remove the current government from power. It seems that it will take an event of even more exceptional circumstances than there are now to get this moving.My intention is to present this petition to the Irish Govenment In The Dail on FEB 1st
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