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Jennifer Banks, the Petition Creator, joined by:

Leah Burgess
David McWeeney
Martin Mc Mahon
Cait O Beirne
Karina McHugh
Ciaran Carr
Barry Grogan
derek byrne
Antoinette McLoughlin
Gillian norton
Alfred Ward
Angie Dunphy
caroline fahy igoe
Brenda Murphy
Dorothy Teeling
Mark Meehan
Maria Keelty
Audreyanne Brady
Marie Barry
Kate Ryan
Noel Conneely
Siobhan Curley
Annette Devlin
Joan Byrne
Gwen smith
Yolande Flynn
Claire O'B
Ailbhe Dillon
sally kavourmas
Anna Connolly
Linda Madigan
ger walsh
Ross Vigors
Daragh Mc Caffrey
Eileen Doherty OLeary
jimmy murray
Helen O'Hallorqn
Ann-Marie Flanagan
Ger Oshea
Orla brogan
Mary Davey
John Leonard
Roseanna Nixon
Francis Davey
Paul Rocks
aileen kennedy
maria ryan
Diane McGonigle
Risteard Toibin
Christina Whelan
Keira Banks
raymond okocha
tara newman
Max Sweeney
Marie Marsh
Jessica Lee
John Grieve
Clare b
Ken Kinneen
Aileen Mcmanus
breda o'broin
Orlaith Millar
Paddy Doyle
Leah Murphy
Jennifer Robinson
Philip Robinson
Janice Morrissey
Joscelin McDonnell
Lorraine Cooke
Sabine Doerste
Tadhg O Leary
Raymond Sky
Elyassa Hamza
Richella Glancy
Daisy Cunningham
Christopher Glancy
Justin Glancy
Laurence Darcy
Michael O'Keeffe
rebecca gilligan
Leah Lawless
Mary Gargan
Rosemary Glancy
Fiona Fitzpatrick
Diarmuid O'Flynn
Anthony Keane
Siobhan Bromell
James Finlan

More details from petition creator

It is my intention to petition the committee to ensure the patients charter is ratified is vital to show the committee the rights and needs of Irish patients are not being met. Vital treatment is being withdrawn or rationed in order to save money, as a result quality of life for these patients is greatly reduced.
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