What is a petition with

Also known as an e-petition, basically it is a petition created and posted on a website. Using the internet, it is easier to create a petition and to collect signatures. Because your petition will have it’s own URL you can also publicize your petition to encourage people to add their signatures.

How to I create a petition?

The process is very simple. Please refer to the How it works section of this website.

How do I sign a petition?

To include your name on a petition, enter your name, address and email address on the screen provided. You will receive an email asking you to confirm your name for the petition by clicking a unique link. Your name will then be added to the petition. Other details such as your county of residence, gender and year of birth will need to be provided.

What will happen my details when I sign a petition?

We will use your email address to confirm your signature. We may also send you an email in relation to issues raised in the petition. Direction Research Group Ltd., who operate this website may also invite you to participate in survey projects.

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