Step 1: Create a petition

To create a petition, you will be asked to supply details about yourself. You will also be asked to provide a word for your petition which will be used to create a unique URL that you can use to publicise your petition

 Step 2: Submit

When you submit your petition, you will receive an email acknowledgment. You will also be asked to click a confirmation link to confirm that you have submitted a petition.

 Step 3: Approval

We will then check your petition to ensure it conforms with our terms and conditions of use (hyperlink).On approval you will receive  a notification email advising that your petition has been accepted and set-up on our system

 Step 4: Get Signatures

Once approved and set-up, it is then up to you to encourage people to sign your petition. Each person signing will be asked to provide details about themselves such as their name, email address and address that we can verify.Anyone signing a petition will receive an email containing a confirmation link to indicate that they have signed a petition.When they have clicked the confirmation link, their name will be added to the petition.Only the name of signatories will be displayed on your petition if they have indicated that they would like to be shown.

Step 5: Publish your petition

When a petition has closed, we can provide a copy of the petition to the petition creator. There will be a fee for this service which depends on the size and nature of the petition and how you would like it to be published.  Please contact us for more details. After that it is up to you to present your petition.

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