We believe that everyone has an opinion and that their opinion counts! We like to encourage the idea of people expressing their views.

With we believe we provide an alternative and useful way to allow as many people as possible make their views known.

By participating in a petition, we also offer other ways in which people can express their views through polls and surveying. In some cases we will offer people a reward for their participation in market research type surveys. This can mean we, Direction Research Group Ltd., or any of its agents e.g. can get in touch with you for the purpose of market research surveys.

We’re fairly open to the nature and topics of petitions which we’ll accept but we reserve the right not to approve a petition, nor to present it on-line nor publish a petition.

Some petitions can be of a serious nature and their submission can mean bringing meaningful change to people’s lives.Other petitions can be of a less serious nature and but can be very useful (e.g introducing a brand of cereal/ bring back a TV program) while some petitions might even contain an element of humour.However information in a petition must comply with the law.


  • You must not include any material which is deemed to be Potentially libellous, false or defamatory.

  • All Information is protected by court order.

  • You must not include any material which is potentially confidential or commercially sensitive.

  • Offensive language will not be tolerated.

  • We reserve the right to reject any petition. We reserve the right not to publish a petition.

  • By creating a petition, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions.

  • All petitions are subjected to change at any stage without warning.

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