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Recognise the micronation of Liberland. Jonathan2020-05-25 13:13:530
End Zero Hour Contracts in Ireland Claire Brennan 2018-03-12 17:43:502
Revoke the Dáil rule requiring prayer and a minute's silence Éamonn Kearns2018-05-05 14:15:510
put pressure on Libya to end the enslavement and selling of humans (Black Africans) in Libya Xaviera A2020-11-30 12:24:000

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Make childcare more affordable. Sinead Byrne2009-05-27 16:38:493
Call on TDs and Senators to make a pay sacrifice of 10%. Brian Cooney2010-04-30 09:44:187
call for pension levy to be made applicable to judges salary sinead byrne2009-07-28 16:22:233
The Taoiseach Denis Doyle2009-08-31 16:42:274
Have a referendum on NAMA Barry Nolan2009-10-20 21:32:062
NO 2 NAMA Michael O'Leary2009-11-30 09:53:084
Ceann Comhairle John O'Donoghue should resign IMMEDIATELY John Doyle2009-10-09 08:25:180
FAS Board to Resign John O'Brien2009-09-30 14:09:490
Ceann Comhairle John O'Donoghue should resign IMMEDIATELY John Doyle2009-10-09 08:25:180
24/365 Frontline Alliance call on the Government not to go ahead with McCarthy Report cuts John Mahon2009-10-18 10:12:4659
The Taoiseach Denis Doyle2010-10-09 13:21:508
Have Colm Doherty's salaray cut below 500,000 Adam Mc Donnell2009-01-01 09:31:172
Irish Government Ben2010-06-07 01:26:043
have the Garda Ombudsman become a fully independent body susan o mahoney2010-04-30 00:52:571
Bank Inquiry: Failures of the Irish banking system have rocked Mick Jones2010-02-28 17:08:429
Have so called "Head Shops" banned Gareth Kinsella2010-03-31 12:07:5528
RTE - Joe Duffy Liveline Debate of the Nation jackie mulryan2010-04-30 14:47:410
RTE - Joe Duffy Liveline Debate of the Nation jackie mulryan2010-04-30 14:47:411
regulate legal highs and headshops rather than ban them Chris Quinn2010-04-30 15:09:27261
ban looped blinds in the republic of Ireland Claire Walsh2011-02-27 10:24:5710
withdraw Government suppor for Anglo Irish Bank immediately Mary Walsh2010-06-30 09:15:243
Remove Traffic Lights From the Carlow to Killeshin Road. Delta Sierra2010-08-08 19:08:483
More help from them HSE for kids when the leave care Dolores2010-09-06 10:30:315
Not Let Eamonn Ryan Ruin Irish Rugby John O'Reilly2010-08-31 13:29:2917
Brian Cowen to Resign ShockWave2010-12-31 20:03:1021
get the Statutory Trust Fund dissolved and the Money Paid to the Victims. Robert Northall2011-02-28 12:33:00467
request An Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, to speak directly to us, the Irish People, in a State Of The Nati Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show2010-12-31 23:59:595221
Dissolve the current Fianna Fail/Green Party Government Aaron Shearer2010-09-30 16:22:2920
Reduce Government Salaries Carmel Hughes2010-10-24 08:11:182
the [ digout eireann] dail eireann. john sullivan2010-09-25 12:23:570
the Irish government to withdraw the invitation to Queen Elizabeth II to visit Ireland next year Patrick Bamming2010-12-23 18:12:5013
Stop Jobs for the Boys! - Reduce the number of Government Quangos Alex Nagle2010-12-31 10:45:003
Get Irish Government out of power ross parkinson2011-01-31 12:54:0135
Get The Goverenment Changed Shane Daly2012-01-01 23:22:505
recall dangerous looped blinds i.e those with cords not 1.5 metres from the floor.For it to be lega claire walsh2013-02-27 20:00:0029
Laois & Offaly County Councils likeplace2011-05-31 09:34:001
the Irish Government to revoke the Bank Guarantee of November 28th 2010. Furthermore we call on the Cian O'Meara2011-09-30 21:05:2653
Say NO to the Home Charge PAW2011-12-31 04:02:46169
People Against Child Sexual Abuse PACSA2014-04-30 17:23:5132
request that the Minister for Finance reject the request by SIMI to change the car registration syst Leo O'Shaughnessy2012-12-31 11:10:580
Request that the Minister for Finance, in addition to changing the license plate system to ensure th Leo O'Shaughnessy2012-12-31 12:19:450
Protect The La Touche Hotel Greg Butler2013-02-08 23:09:242
Petition from Radio Nova Breakfast to have the new bridge under construction in the River Liffey bet Nova Breakfast2013-05-01 09:59:25234
Get the the new bridge under construction in the River Liffey between Marlborough Street and Hawkins Nova Breakfast2013-05-01 10:09:380
Luke 'Ming' Flanagan to resign as TD John Molloy2013-04-30 10:17:501
The establishment of a Republic Of Mayo The Republic Of Mayo2016-04-30 18:13:554
Ride Joan Burton , up the wrong'un Alan Shatter2014-11-29 07:47:560
Irish Government David Kelly2014-12-31 20:29:232
Kildare County Council Louise Burchall2014-11-30 16:43:017
call on An Taoiseach ENDA KENNY T.D. to announce now that his government let the derogation on the s Sorcha Domican2014-06-30 00:00:004
Request Local Authority to erect a fence protecting children from steep drop into Estuary at Waters Residents of Cruachan, Watersedge and Riverlane2014-05-14 23:13:030
make it mandatory for the use of pens when voting stephen hamilton2014-07-01 00:18:541
Frances Fitzgerald, Minister for Justice & Equality Roberta Tuckey2014-09-30 19:26:240
Bring Back The Christmas Bonus Emma Ring2014-11-14 22:28:465
SAY NO TO WATER CHARGES Audrey Keenan2015-06-10 14:50:443
ask Uachtarán na hÉireann, Michael D Higgins to disband Irish Water & the current Government in ligh Tara Crawford2014-01-31 19:01:046
ask Uachtarán na hÉireann, Michael D Higgins, to disband Irish Water and the current Government in l Tara Crawford2014-01-31 19:18:181
Change Irish tax laws so that large corporations cannot avoid paying vast amount of tax to the irish Michael Douglas2014-03-17 15:05:280
Create an irish institute in Burgos (Spain) Dan2015-01-07 19:49:421
Prohibit Irish tax exiles getting Government contracts. Niall Dowd2015-02-28 22:53:161
Increase and Extend TRS Mortgage Relief- Tax Relief at Source Caoimhe Callan2015-12-31 21:02:294
An Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD Liadh Ní Riada MEP2015-03-19 18:27:392
Have Cllr Noeleen Reilly in the running for DNW TD Gareth Sherry2015-05-13 12:00:0046
Revoke passport of Denis O'Brien Colin2015-06-30 13:41:310
Irish Airbnb hosts are calling on the Irish Government to include the nominal income received from h Julie2015-10-31 12:57:183
Stop the Government of Ireland from using the F word. Pauline Lomax2016-04-07 12:50:382
Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald Eddie Conroy2015-10-02 23:19:0450
Frances Fitzgerald Minister for Justice Brendan Kirby2015-12-31 12:40:173
stop asylum seekers from entering into Ireland sinead2015-09-10 19:08:550
Decriminalise the Possession of Drugs for Personal Use Mark Cullen2016-03-16 14:27:291
Keep refugees out of Ireland Sean Keating2015-11-30 21:47:4449
Exclude Enda Kenny & Leo Varadkar from running in General Election 2016 David Murphy2016-03-24 19:03:151
Have the next Irish Naval Vessel named "Tom Crean" Roderick Scott2016-07-31 10:43:480
Upgrade the Fota Road ( R624) Immediately. Ciara Leonardi Roche2017-02-17 22:36:371
To stop government giving away our water before the 22 of March pauline2016-03-20 23:51:4424
Ask Enda Kenny to resign Seamus Ward2016-03-03 06:49:400
Get the growing and use of cannabis to be no longer seen as a criminal offense. Ben Landy2016-09-13 01:11:228
Form a New National Government Walter Ryan-Purcell2016-04-30 18:29:070
Regulate the motor insurance industry Decla Stokes2017-03-31 09:11:351
Play area for our Kids Aodh De Bhailis2016-09-01 12:17:220
dqmzKdkbbXeb Conyers0000-00-00 00:00:000
Abolish TV Licence John Kavanagh2017-10-31 15:35:322
Playground for Newbridge, Kildare. Steve Farrell2017-12-01 08:44:121
Louth County Council Kristin Jensen2017-03-17 10:34:131
Fingal County Council Rob O Gorman0000-00-00 00:00:00164
Petition to extend Mortgage interest relief on mortgages taken from 1st January 2013 to July 2016 Jaspreet S. Barara2017-03-31 14:44:431
Military Medal For Gallantry ro be awarded to living members also family of the deceased members wh Peter O Halloran2017-01-31 10:13:54773
Speed ramps for the hartstown road Gary tuohy0000-00-00 00:00:000
Get a Motorway system to the Northwest of Ireland Brendan Tierney2017-02-06 23:19:200
The Director of public prosecutions Suzzie monahan0000-00-00 00:00:000
Keep the Excel open! Padraig Culbert2017-03-30 19:34:001
Remove Windmills From Cloonlusk Tuam Frankie0000-00-00 00:00:000
Form a confederation uniting the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland Mark Dillon2017-09-30 15:18:000
The TDs of the Dail jamie mccabe0000-00-00 00:00:000
Donate Our Water Refunds to The Homelessness Crisis Anonymous0000-00-00 00:00:005
block and remove Dublin Councillors who voted for Airside development Jack Gallagher0000-00-00 00:00:00129
No minimum alcohol pricing. Joseph2017-12-25 00:18:360
No minimum alcohol pricing. John0000-00-00 00:00:001633

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