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Spend convictions against the person for assault 1st & 2nd time offenders John2019-05-31 18:07:052
Referendum for united Ireland Darren Kelly2018-09-18 18:52:224
Hold a Wicklow By-Election for TD Donnelly’s Seat Abigail2018-02-28 03:11:4224
Take Back the North Oisín Tierney2018-04-24 18:05:0618

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DOES iRELAND HAVE A NEED FOR A NEW PARTY nEW iRELAND pARTY Harvey Rael2010-05-31 00:20:141
Abolish VRT Ryan Stewart2010-12-31 23:21:331
have the three outstanding by-elections called or dissolve the current government Éanna Ó Mulláin2010-12-31 00:50:112
have Michael Lowry removed from office immediately. Tony White2011-04-29 17:35:035
Irish Government for a Referendum on the EU/IMF Deal Richard Boyd Barrett2011-05-31 12:35:4173
RE-UNITE SWORDS in the constituency of DUBLIN NORTH Councillor Darragh BUTLER2011-12-31 23:59:5929
object against the sale of state assets martin critten2012-10-31 14:35:540
Remove from Office the 31st Dail na hEireann Neil Kavanagh2012-06-30 02:53:28125
Call on Fianna Fail to Dis-band Emmet Murphy2015-01-01 13:02:220
call on Fine Gael to Dis-band Emmet Murphy2015-01-01 13:18:380
Call on Labour to Dis-Band Emmet Murphy2015-01-01 13:24:110
Call on Sinn Fein to Dis-Band Emmet Murphy2015-01-01 13:42:240
keep mojdeh baz in the countryahh LAURENZO2013-06-08 18:30:224
Jnr Minister Tom Hays Dave Cunningham2014-01-31 18:47:0286
Upgrade the Honorary Consul in Caracas, Venezuela into a Consulate Juan Venegas2014-02-20 11:23:340
RESTORE the Loughrea Town Hall and Cinema for the use as an Art House Educational Cinema and Communi N. Giblin2014-06-21 09:13:3029
Make the Irish Government impose sanctions on Israel over the slaughter of thousands of civilians. Ryan Brennan2014-08-22 11:26:284
request the support and co-operation of Mayo County Council, our County Councillor’s, TD’s and MEP’s KAP InHand2015-03-26 12:09:021
Call for a General Election, as we have no confidence in the current Government. James Sharkey2015-05-29 21:42:432
Ireland To Exit Europe Daniel Gadd2015-04-15 17:54:222
The Irish Government Tomas MacCormaic2016-04-24 02:08:372
Call for the Irish government to vote to ban U.S troops from entering Shannon Airport. Ryan Kelly2016-01-07 17:14:041
Stop the introduction of the minimum pricing per unit of alcohol Martin O'Gorman & Johan Boeyenk2015-12-25 22:47:251
GET Sean McNicholas to Seanad Eireann Brian Fallon2016-06-30 21:50:191
Make political corruption or abuse of political power a criminal offence with a mandatory prison sen KB O'Neill2016-02-11 18:56:110
Erect a statue of Cllr. Frank Godfrey at Scotch Hall, Drogheda, Co. Louth Shanks2016-06-03 10:43:501
Lower the wage of politicians to the national average wage N2016-06-10 02:17:261
Have Enda Kenny removed from government Eoin2017-05-17 02:52:160
Referendum on ireland's EU MEMBERSHIP Trevor Hayden2016-12-31 20:46:351
Prevent any senior member of the Irish government from meeting with Mr. Donald Trump for the St. Pat G. KING2017-04-04 00:00:003
Taoiseach & Government of Ireland Martin Walsh2017-12-31 16:20:40179
Call on Toaiseach Enda Kenny to resign Josh Healy2017-04-02 17:48:002
Remove the blind folds from Lady Justice F2017-12-21 23:04:300

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