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stop wackers pet shop from selling young pups nicola black2009-10-30 16:15:400
save the swimming pool on Sean MacDermott Street. Sian Muldowney2009-12-10 13:27:1825
have the National TV License which funds Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ), the state broadcaster be rev Patrick Flynn2011-12-31 19:17:271
stop men from wearing women skinny jeans john2010-08-31 00:19:220
Gardai Rachel A2010-03-27 13:33:33291
The Department of Children and Families Angel S McCarter2010-06-30 19:46:380
Save Shannon Airport fiona moran2010-11-10 19:17:04606
The minister for justice & DSPCA concernedirishcitizen2010-12-15 00:42:540
Bring Dublin Kangaroo Abusers to Justice Pat Hughes2010-12-31 09:55:0862
get the animal abuse laws changed Sean Cafferkey2011-02-28 19:06:048
We call for the regulation and legalisation of prostitution in Ireland modelled on the German system Brian Williams2011-04-30 02:57:071 Caroline Byrne2011-09-30 13:17:476
David Melvin David Melvin2012-11-30 02:22:360
Support the Dublin Flea Market to continue to trade and grow on Newmarket Sqaure, Dublin 8. Sharon Greene2012-01-20 13:37:532
Save the Wave Derek Mooney2012-03-05 23:11:58325
support the Grealis Family with their complaint to the Dutch Ambassador to Ireland regarding Missing Helen Grealis2012-03-13 21:02:221062
Get Magda back on facebook Abbie Flood2013-09-26 16:33:241
Replace i-Radio's Chris Greene with ICRfm's Senan Waldron Sean Sheridan2012-09-30 17:38:364
Ask the Catholic Church to Leave Ireland Emmet Murphy2016-01-01 13:31:012
To have Castlebar in Co.Mayo made a city. Prince2014-03-11 22:19:064
Irish Government David Kelly2014-11-30 20:37:592
Minister Simon Coveney Harry Trotter2015-02-01 07:30:142
illegalise fox hunting in Ireland Matthew Shallow2014-06-26 11:02:124
Bring back Pádraic Paul Fallon2014-04-30 22:30:532
Sligo Caravan and Camping Park Standhill Caravan Park Residents2014-12-01 21:01:501
legalise sale and recreational use of marijuana Aaron Brophy2016-05-12 21:07:1111
Ban puppy farms. and make them illegal. beryl sweeney2014-09-30 16:35:116
Fingal County Council Min Street Swords Co.Dublin Majella Grainger2014-07-31 13:49:152
Have Eircom include Headford in the Gigabit rollout scheme Damien Devlin2015-03-31 11:12:5679
Have a statue of Dave Grohl at the top of Coomakista. Pat Cassano2015-12-01 13:48:503
Demand the laws on animal cruelty be rewritten and reviewed to included punishment by jailtime Brendan2015-12-31 23:45:047
Make animals be treated like living creatures and not property Eve Wise2016-09-01 21:43:424
Have our public representatives investigate and provide a full public explanation as to why the free Ken2015-11-01 07:47:470
No more concurrent sentences for serial rapists/paedophiles Survivor of abuse2016-03-31 18:09:451
No more concurrent sentences for serial paedophiles & rapists Leona2016-03-09 00:12:433
Help Grass Fed Dairy Farms!! M Murphy2016-08-26 16:50:123
Request for Arts Council Funding for Strokestown International Poetry Festival Strokestown Poetry2016-12-31 15:41:42326
Abolish the restricted dog breed list in Ireland under S.I. No. 123/1991 Brendan Sheridan2016-12-31 08:21:0112
Change animal cruelty law Katie mcnally2016-09-03 00:09:1911
Reduce the weekly working hours to 30 Nicole 2016-10-31 16:50:380
Keep Father Douglas in Ireland Anna Ferris2017-09-26 21:42:072
Irish government Lyn0000-00-00 00:00:000
Stop increased rates concerned member0000-00-00 00:00:0039

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