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We the undersigned petition to Have a second lollipop person employed for st Mary's school enfield. More details

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Dec rowe, the Petition Creator, joined by:

Declan Rowe
Robert Galvin
Joanne rowe
Carol Doyle
Gemma Murphy
Fiona Murtagh
Anthony murtagh
Colin McCormack
Kenneth O'Toole
Sharon Salmon
Lennon Doyle
Gavin 5
Aine McArdle
David Broderick
David Broderick
Mary Bibby
David Broderick
Catherine Cooling
Simon McGrath
Annita Donnelly
Martin O’Reilly
cheryl dixon
Karen Palmer-Fox
Evan Walsh
Shauna Noonan
Andrea Dixon
Claire O'Meara
Annmarie nolan
Laura Farrell
Karen Close
suzanne Bolger
Emma Scanlon
Lorraine McDonnell
Aishling Hargadon
Aishling Hargadon
Chris Fitzpatrick
Debbie kelly
Joan Shannon
Andries van Tonder
Lorraine Malone
Kieron hardiman
Siobhan O Riordan
Michelle Farrelly
Charlene kavanagh
Claire Rowe
Sarah Barkoczi
Laszlo Barkoczi
Vivienne ryan
Emer Walsh
Denise Keane
Gillian Fitzsimons
Brendan Mc Nally
Ruth O'Connor
Karen Boyd
Angela Smith
James Buggle
Nicola Kilcoyne
Carina Mcnally
Geraldine Paterson
Peter McDonnell
Sally Redmond
Magdalena Holub
Sally o Reilly
Kamila Kozlowska
Kamila Kozlowska
Alison mullan
Catriona Cummins
Johanna Carroll-Browne
Christina Forde
Kevin Mullan
Aishling Charles
Debra Boland
Yvonne Taylor
Marie Lane
janine Austin
Deborah Duffy
Rebecca Collins
Sharon Comerford
Cormac Hanley
Nuala O Gorman
Leona McManus
Catherine Cox
Niall Farrell
Maura Beegan Gavin
Alan Gavin
Maria Treacy
Maria Treacy
Joe Morris
Melissa derivan
Melissa derivan
Melissa derivan
Melissa derivan
Siobhan Ivers
Zina Owens
Jenny Andrews
Eleanor McDwyer
Eleanor McDwyer
Natalia frackowska
Elaine Healy
Edel Ryan
Mary kiernan
Aoife Fitzgerald
Lorraine malone
Aoife Fitzgerald
Cormac Fitz
Lorraine Deering
Laura brennan
Marie Harrington
Marie Harrington
Marie Harrington
Marie Harrington
Marie Harrington
Nicola McCullen
Bernie Cahill
Ashling O'Reilly
Michelle callaghan
Michelle callaghan
Sonata Keogh
Sharon curran

More details from petition creator

The zebra crossing outside st Mary's school in enfield that help children and parents cross the road from the direction of the village is dangerous , many people are at risk due to where the zebra crossing is situated in close proximity to the main pedestrian exit that is blocked by high pillars which obscure drivers ability to see children who many run out and across the crossing without warning, where cars have failed to stop on many occassions and where a number of children have had a near miss with a car i feel we will benefit from a lollipop person or lights to help the pedestrians cross

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